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At AMAG, we have a history of growth and continued development. We encourage you to think big, look beyond your current position, and consider the ways you can grow with us.

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These are the qualities we value at AMAG.

AMAG is constantly on the lookout for talented people in the Internet marketing world – and just plain talent. We offer positions in web design, web marketing, SEO, SEM, writing and editing. Sometimes we even have a position in IT. We also offer internships at all times of the year across all areas of the company.

If you have an interest in AMAG, please email your resume to address below.

What's It Like to Work Here?

Current Job Postings...

Stack RoR / Web Developer

We are looking for a full-stack, Ruby on Rails enthusiast & web development generalist to help us build out & maintain a diverse line of new systems and products for our company. Bottom line — we’re looking for someone who is smart, can get things done, and knows how to have fun and work with a team while doing it!

You’ll get to play with all the new technologies — Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Automated Deployment, RSpec Automated Testing, etc. We like developers who can work in any part of the stack, but still have one area they really feel comfortable and dominant in and are capable of sharing that knowledge with the team. In addition to working on the RoR stack, you may be required to assist with other projects that are built in other languages such as Java, Node, and PHP.

We work in an extremely fast-paced and agile environment — you will have direct input from/access to decision makers at all times. You will make a real difference in how this industry operates — join us and help us create the mold for forward thinking SEO/SEM teams!

We expect to see:

  • Solid programming skills and a history record of getting things done.
  • Good command line abilities with the ability to maintain/troubleshoot VPS instances.
  • Advanced skills in some server-side web development stack (e.g. RoR, Node, etc). Experience in our stack (Ruby / Ruby on Rails MVC / MySQL) is a major plus, but not a requirement.
  • Up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of modern HTML, CSS and JS (preferably SCSS and CoffeeScript).
  • Disciplined: self-motivating, self-directing, and extremely communicative.

We like to see:

  • Open source code that you’re proud of.
  • Projects/things you’re working on the side.
  • Interesting hobbies that show why you’d be fun to work with.

This is a full-time, regular, on-site position. If you want to send us a resume about a job but it is not one of the jobs posted here, we ask that you send your resume, cover letter and any other related documents to EEO